Monday, 29 June 2015


Professional Architect Play a Key Role in Design of a Building!


Architects are those who have been educated for this field and are licensed on planning as well as designing the buildings. Safety in the structure is essential to an architect's work, so they are needed to undertake an advanced education and an internship for them to provide the requirements on having a license for architecture. 

With the rise of human culture, humanity and their habitat, the role of an architect is not limited now. As you see in the past, the job of architect was limited only to paperwork, drawing boards and legal aspects of the building construction. But with the latest advancements in the architecture studies, the role of Architect has become very vast. Along with designing, they also play a crucial role in construction work as well. 

When someone speaks about an Architect, what strikes first in the minds of most of us is a guy sitting in the office with a drawing board and blueprint designing his latest project but there is more to their services than that. 

This is the phase where dream takes more shape. Again you will be working closely with your architect as he will need you to choose more detail. Things like type of windows, heating doors etc. are added at this stage as is defining the living spaces. Sketches will now be redone in scaled rough drawings and your Architect will also update the estimate as this point to a more accurate price of total cost. 

Once you are both happy with the design stage your architect will draw up the blueprints for the contractor. These will be detailed and include specifications and material lists so the job can be put out for bids. 

When planning to build a property in Brisbane, Architect will assist you by selecting a pool of companies to accept bids from. They will know the standard of work of most of your local builders so is in a perfect position to aid you in the selection process. They will leave the final decision to you but will help to negotiate price and draw up the contracts. 

Your Architect will make the site visits to advice on quality of workmanship, discuss change requests with the contractor, make amendments to the plans etc. This is particularly handy at each payment stage. For instance your first payment is due once the foundations are in. Your architect can come and inspect for you and make sure everything is to his liking before you write the check. 

A good architect will suggest you some solutions and building materials to your problems. Expect such solutions to be part of his (her) expertise. An Architect will always be familiar with the property clauses and building codes. They do understand the basic requirements to build a house: such as fresh air, natural light, and son. So, a good architect can suggest you a cost effective plan and can provide you the best structure for your house. 

Once you have selected the Architect, make sure all the elements of the contract are clearly mentioned on a legal document and legally approved. Your contract with the architect must include the detailed description about the work, financial terms, architect's payment structure and the schedule of work completion so that you could get a trusted deal with him/her. 

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